Knowing that you haven't evaluated the legal foundation of your business is really stressful. You hold yourself back and keep your business small hoping that if you don't make a lot of money no one will bother you. 

Having confidence in your business puts you in the best position to make the best decisions going forward. Now is the time to get your business legal and I am here to help!

Don't wait any longer!

You deserve to have an outrageously successful business, and that starts with a solid legal foundation. 

This Course Is For You If...

  • You are wondering if your online business needs an LLC or a Corporation

  • You started a business without setting up the legal foundation

  • You don't know if your business practices are keeping your personal assets protected

  • You're kinda freaked out at the thought (and expense!) of hiring a lawyer to do this all for you

Course Structure

  • What You Have

    Identify and understand the things you currently have in place.

  • What You Need

    Learn where there are potentials for liability .

  • Areas For Improvement

    Unveil where there are opportunities for improvement.

Evaluate Your Business

The Get Legal 360 Course is the perfect place to start.


Meet Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Making the legal stuff fun.

Hi! I have been a practicing attorney for over 13 years and a small business owner for over 15. I spent over 10 years with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office prosecuting crimes from fraud and embezzlement to gangsters, drug dealers, and murderers. I have also worked for civil judges dealing with all aspects of civil litigation. Because I constantly received phone calls from people in need of legal guidance who didn’t know where to start. I wondering what happened to everyone who didn’t have easy and affordable access to a lawyer. So I created courses, content and my business to make the legal stuff accessible​ and affordable.
Meet Emily D. Baker, Esq.

Course curriculum